Join us in San Diego, CA on May 18-19, 2014 for the West Coast Urban District Forum co-sponsored by the International Downtown Association and the California Downtown Association. This forward-thinking philosophy permeates throughout California’s cityscapes and neighborhoods. Join practitioners from the West Coast to share best practices, hear from downtown thought leaders, and network with peers.

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For more than 30 years, the California Downtown Association (CDA) has supported downtowns and districts in California. We are committed to creating and sustaining vibrant and livable downtowns. We strive to help downtowns and districts achieve success.Find out how CDA can help your community.

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Our members find enormous value in the opportunities presented for networking with peers and appreciate California Downtown’s commitment to providing educational opportunities on par with other organizations, at fees even the smallest organizations can manage.
Join California Downtown today and discover why we are “30 years strong and growing!”

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